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I believe nick is mistaken

by Edward Thompson on August 29, 2012

Idiot boy lecturing Greek voters

by Edward Thompson on May 21, 2012

I see that David Cameron is lecturing the Greeks. Can’t he see that anything he says is likely to be counter productive. Leave them to make up their own minds.

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Sam Cam re autism : what’s that about

by Edward Thompson on May 20, 2012

I saw on Sky News that Sam Cam has been involved in this issue. Why? We do not have a presidential system in this country. All she can claim to be is a rich bint who married a politician, David, who later became the Prime Minister and can do cabinet government (which apparently even idiots […]

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Apparently they want to re-classify people with mild SEN (Special Educational Needs) to having not got SEN. As a person with SEN, which since I have difficulty handwriting, I have to admit to. I don’t understand this. Surely sometimes kids need help. The best way not to stigmatize or label people is to just let […]

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Keep going, whatever happens

by Edward Thompson on May 5, 2012

We didn’t do very well in the Local Elections. People blame us for the austerity measures. Sometimes I watch the financial channels, they have experts who give opinions on the financial situation. We have to be frank, we are in a similar position to countries like irland, spain and italy. The only thing which is […]

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Get the message right or shut the “””” up!

by Edward Thompson on February 1, 2012

I just want to make clear my distress and embarrassment at what is happening. It is not seemly for a leader of the labour party to ask that all top level pay is “tackled” as happened earlier this week. Look at the history, but whatever, I can get in serious trouble advising labour politicians so […]

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Lloyd loses court battle

by Edward Thompson on December 8, 2011

He said that Waterson was an “Expenses MP”. Perhaps he shouldn’t have. The mere fact that Mr Waterson was an MP is a scandal. In 1993 I asked this ratbag for help. He refused to help.  I have herd of other cases where this has happened.

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Note on ignoring useless commentary

by Edward Thompson on November 13, 2011

Anyone who says they know what is going to happen re the euro or says what should happen is worth ignoring. What will happen will happen.

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Lib dem position on vote on referendum explained

by Edward Thompson on October 22, 2011

If the vote was on an in out issue then we would vote for it, as the referendum is confused with “renegotiation” we can’t. Renegotiation is another term for out because we don’t know if the EU members would allow this, indeed it seems unlikely they would.

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Fox resignation leads to calls for less Lib Dem influence

by Edward Thompson on October 15, 2011

The resignation of Liam Fox has resulted in calls for less lib dem influence. It is not our fault if he could not behave properly. They hinted he should have survived if his error was purely personal. However lib dems do not get this luxury.

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