Who I am

My name is self explanatory, if you got to this page you must know it.

I used to be a parish councillor on the Willingdon and Jevington parish council before the 2007 elections, when we lost.

This shows the requisite fragility which is needed in order that any member of the public might relate to me.  Obviously I am not all powerful.  In fact I have no power. absolutely none, nada, zip.

 Well I do talk to people about issues and how we are being represented.  I watch web broadcasts from the county council.  I look at papers and try to respond.  This here is another effort to commune with the people

 I suppose what I am is a non traditional activist.  A “Blue Skies” member of a political party that is someone who no-one knows where they came from. 

Where I come from is that in 1993 I wrote t0 the local MP and asked for his help.  He refused t0 help.   This fumdamentally is why I was activated.