General Election begun

Parliament is prorogued and a general election has been called, the campaign proper has begun at last and more importantly will soon be over.

One little bit of annoyance is the video I watched of Martin Freeman.  Whilst I like him on a personal level he goes through a number of things he could say and sums it up as about values.

The lib dems had the values of not abandoning the country after the last election.  Our values are service to the country.  We  believe in freedom fairness and opportunity for all.  Our ministers have proved that they can provide good government if asked in the future.  The coalition proved  that such ways of governing work even at the highest level.  Whatever the result of the election is I am sure that things will work out

Recently I have moved from Eastbourne in East Sussex to Martlesham in Suffolk.   The countryside is beautiful, the people are friendly and helpful.  New challenges are opening up.

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