Stephen Shing’s announcement of candidature for Parliament

shing11.JPGIStephen Shings announcement of candidature for Parliamentn the third paragraph Stephen says that he is assured that an independent voice is required because he received the most number of votes in the county.   My response to this is that of course he received the most number of votes in the county:  Willingdon and Polegate is a two member division  with double the electorate of other divisions.  This combined with Stephens personality cult and the fact that he has the electorate convinced that they are being unfair or possibly racist if they oppose him means that he has a large vote, one must ask is it a fair reflection?

In the subsequent paragraph he goes back to the theme “Action, not politics!”  As I know to my cost, being one of the councillors he criticised at the 2007 District/Parish election and having lost my seat as a result, he is very able to carry out a negative campaign, In this case as I know and as you must trust as I have a disability and would not have countenanced any unfair treatment of Cllr Shing, he lied, how was that not politics?  Can we expect his behaviour to be the same thoughout this campaign?  On the definition of politics he still has not realised where he is when he is in a council chamber?   Even at parish council we were still involved in politics.  Does he imagine that this will not be the case in Parliament?

 If he should suceed in his effort to be elected to Parliament then the Electors of Willingdon and Jevington and Polegate will have to pay the costs of a Bye Election in the Polegate and Willingdon Division and the Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council and Polegate Town Council and Wealden Council.  The rest of Eastbourne gets him with no additional cost as MP but Polegate residents will have to pay and will not get anything for it.

Councillor advertising themselves in the Willingdon Neighbourhood Watch leaflet

Watch on Willingdon Neigbourhood WatchThis shows the contraversey of the Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter, Tory Councillors like Cllr Cussons have been known to advertise themselves in various NW leaflets throughout the county. my protesting about this makes little difference, however Cllr Shing in the article  below does this.   After the last District and Parish council elections, when protesting at the Liberal Democrats for having revoked his membership he stated in the Eastbourne Hearald that he could see no reason for the liberal democrats having done so.  One may presume that if there were no reason that he would keep to the ideals of the party, having his own integrity.  Using the NW leaflet in this way is however against the parties democratic principles, one of the meanings of democratic is that a campaigner will refrain  from any action which an opponent cannot take so this shows that in fact Cllr Shing has grown away from the party. 

Why Mycouncillor

Some people in the parish might think something was wrong about what happened in the 2007 elections.  Indeed I think some people do from the way that people react to me on the street.  Therefore they might want me to be their councillor in the cyber realm if none other.  they can tell me anything.  I will act with discretion and comment on my own pomposity

The rules

I’m not going to tell the whole truth, to tell the whole truth or what you want to say is traditionally what blogs are supposed to be about.   If I do this though I will get into real trouble.  Life will never be the same, I will spend years wishing I had not done it.

Who I am

My name is self explanatory, if you got to this page you must know it.

I used to be a parish councillor on the Willingdon and Jevington parish council before the 2007 elections, when we lost.

This shows the requisite fragility which is needed in order that any member of the public might relate to me.  Obviously I am not all powerful.  In fact I have no power. absolutely none, nada, zip.

 Well I do talk to people about issues and how we are being represented.  I watch web broadcasts from the county council.  I look at papers and try to respond.  This here is another effort to commune with the people

 I suppose what I am is a non traditional activist.  A “Blue Skies” member of a political party that is someone who no-one knows where they came from. 

Where I come from is that in 1993 I wrote t0 the local MP and asked for his help.  He refused t0 help.   This fumdamentally is why I was activated.