Sri Lankan UN war prob must be made

I received this via email he gave address information which I have omitted. I think this is genuine and must be acted upon. There were clear breaches of human rights which must be investigated.

Dera members, leaders and officers of the Liberal Democratic Party.


Hon. David Camerun, the British Prime Minister demanded for an independant International Investigation on Srilanka’s War Crimes, brought to light by Channel4 production Srilanka’s killing Fields.

After the airing by the ABC ,Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd tweeted:
“4corners tonight on Sri Lanka deeply disturbing. UN Human Rights Council can’t simply push this to one side. Action needed.”

please view British TV channel 4 production “Srilanka’s killing Fields” in the following link.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress on Thursday (21. July. 2011) voted to ban aid to Sri Lanka over its dubious human rights records.

Now please stop in your track and think for a minute. Don’t you want to do justice?
As a party to the British Government and as emerging leaders of modern Britain, what are you and your party going to do to make your government get more active? Keep silent and allow a Genocide continue or convince Mr. Ban-Ki-Moon, Hon. General Secretary of the UN to implelment an Independant International Investigation over the war crimes & Genocide against Tamils by Srilanka?

Please raise your voice. Make us believe in the democratic way of the International Community.
If you need further info please contact me at or

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam representing millions of Tamils and the signatory to this appeal, adhere to nonviolence, transparency, accountability and democratic means in realizing our political rights. Tamils in and outside Sri Lanka are of the firm conviction that they have been and still are being systematically persecuted by Sri Lankan governments, one after the other. Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka are also denied political space through constitutional and extra-constitutional means to articulate their political aspirations.

(Following link will show what kind of democracy is dealt to Tamils in one united Srilanka.

In this political void, the TGTE will function in the international arena seeking the support of the international community and in articulating and realizing the aspirations of the Tamil people. The TGTE is a democratically elected body with representatives, presently 87 members in all, domiciled in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand and in over 10 European nations.which is an organization working democratically for Tamils all over the world.

In the service of Eelam Tamils,
A elected Member of TGTE Parliament

Concern over Measels, A personal warning

Measels incident has gone up 10 times in the UK. This is a really dangerous illness. In my case, I had it when I was a very young child. It may have been responsible for my Hydrocephalus illness. I nearly died from this. Although I’m ok now, it has had long term consequences. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. If parents read this. Please, Please, Please, get your child or children vaccinated

The National situation in comparison to Willingdon

I compare the disastrous result in the Barnsley Central Bye Election and the wider disillusionment with the liberal Democrats  with what happened at the Willingdon/Wealden parish/district elections of 2007.  Due to a disciplinary issue a popular Parish/District/County Councillor who was a member of the local party, and by the way ethnic chinese,  had his membership withdrawn by the regional party.   Unlike the current situation we (the members of the party who knew) were banned from talking about the circumstances and reasons behind what happened.   The voters wanted to know what had happened, the councillor concerned hinted that we were capable of breaking his confidentiality.  We however knew that if we had broken his confidentiality and the party had not thrown us out of the party, that would be the end of the party.  If they had thrown us out this councillor would be able to portray what had happened was our fault resulting in him being let back into a compromised party or else he would have stood apart which perhaps might have been slightly better

The difference between the coalition situation and ours was of course that we can talk about the coalition and the difference lib dems have made.  The result of what happened at the District/Parish Elections in Willingdon in 2007 was that locally the Lib Dems were destroyed but nationally no-one noticed

 Andrew Rawnsley commented on tbe situation here

No vote in AV referrendum will not wreck the coalition

If the AV vote is a “No” the Lib Dems will not have a hissy fit and decide to quit the coalition.  The reason for this is that there is too much at stake for the party to do tbat.  The cuts are a necessary evil, if we don’t cut, the markets might lose confidence in the UK economywith a result that our debt would be harder to sell and we would have to pay more for it, since we have such a large defecit and national debt this would make our position worse than it is at the moment . 

If we quit the coalition the cuts would be difficult or impossible for the Conservative party to achieve on it’s own, akin to admitting that the country can’t impose the cuts

Also if we quit, we would be admitting that coalition politics can’t work.   In the General Election Ballot Booth where the voter makes their decision this would be a tragic error.  People wouldn’t vote for us, even in those seats where we were the incumbant, because there would be no point.  In this situation I can forsee that we would lose many seats and be back in the situation just after the second world war.

Therefore there is only one option for the lib dems, that is to stay the course.

Some Labour voters and dissatisfied former lib dem voters might think that if they vote No then that is the easiest way to stop the coalition and the cuts and register their dissatisfaction with the lib dems percieved behaviour within government.  What I answer is “No” to your  No.

Of course some Conservative voters might be tempted to vote Yes because they think we will quit if they vote no.  The lib dems will not quit so they may as well vote no.

In other words, it’s tactical voting and in AV people are free to vote for their first choice.  I wish Labour voters and dissatisfied lib dems to vote tor their first chice.   Is AV better than FPTP?

As coalition politics will be more likely in the future , whatever happens, unless we quit the voter might like to eliminate the need to vote tactically.  Therefore vote Yes

Disgraceful second chamber Re Constituency Equality and AV Referrendum

The system is undemocratic.  One vote in one part of the country is worth less than others somewhere else.  What if the candidate representing the party I really want to vote for has no chance to be elected in the constituency where I live.  In the current system, I either vote for that candidate doggedly knowing they have no chance, vote for a candidate for another party that I think might win but is better than the encumbant party of my constituency or don’t vote because I think there is no point, perhaps even there is no point in my adding my name to the electoral register.

 These issues might be solved had the lords not decided to be obstructive.  However they have.  Is now the time for Lords reform?

Laws controversy a storm in a teacup

The plain fact is that if David Laws had bought a flat costing more than the amount claimed then we would not be talking about this, if he had improved the flat and sold it at a profit, then bought another, improved it and sold it at a profit all tax free, we would not be condemming his behaviour.

 I have met Mr Laws, he came to a Regional Conference at Willingdon School.  We shook hands.  He seems an honest man.

 Anyone can believe seeing the airodite way in which he has conducted himelf so far as Chief Secrecary to the Treasury that he can earn more money in the private sector than by working for the public good. 

This feeding frenzy is not about him.  It is about the Coalition.  What those people behind this want is to drive wedges into the Coalition.  If it was not necessary to avoid disaster, we, the Liberal Democrats would not be in the Coalition so what tbese people want is to play with fire.

Note to commenters

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Part of the Coalition?

Along with all of the party I was asked not to speculate before the deal was done.

 This does seem a bit strange.  In national government this is the first Coalition since the Second World War.  It is our duty to make this work.  It’s all minuted so whoever messes it up will be known.

A desperate politician

Apparently the police are the criminals for having charged this man on from what I hear is purely hearsay evidence and poor Rob Smith has been taken in by a press release from our opponent. The previous and hopefully not future MP a truly desperate politician Nigel Waterson.

Vandalised posters

Apparently, from what I hear on the local news, a so-called liberal democrat supporter has handed himself in to the police, his crime being interferring with Tory posters on Kings Drive.

 Why?  Has anybody seen the display of Lib Dem posters on Kings Drive.  What need have we to do that.  

 There are many ways of supporting your party.  What we have to work out is which party this person was supporting.