BNP targeting Shing enemies

Well I think this might be specifically me.

 What they don’t get is that had Stephen Shing been a bug eyed green skinned alien I would have given him a chance.

I have a disability, I would not dream of using my disability as a weapon against others.  This would make me feel ashamed of  mysself.

Conservatives accuse Lib Dems of holding the country to ransom over electoral reform

It’s politics, if the Conservative party can’t make a case to the country good enough to be given an overall majority then the only way left is to work with other parties.  If the price is electoral reform and other political reforms also banking reforms and tax reforms then that price has to be paid. 

 Perhaps the Conservatives will make that case, there are 10 days to go, anything can happen yet.  After all who but party insiders would have predicted Clegg

Chingford Strangler accuses Nick of being a sycophant

First of all I don’t think that if he used compliments to gain a self-serving favour or advantage from another which is the wikipedia definition of sycophant that if would work in the context of the election.  I’ve done loads of canvassing previously, it just doesn’t work that way.

 Secondly I have to say that Nick is a Liberal Democrat, that means that in most situations he gets shouted down and talked over, think of the outrageous behaviour in the House of Commons at PMQ’s.  By definition he has to have developed a very thick skin.  We say what needs to be said, we take a position and plough on to the conclusion.

Is this evidence of underhand tactics?

Ingram Letter

Ray Ingram writes to the Herald on Friday 16th of April

Ray appeared in Stephen Shing’s’ election literature during the Parish/District election of 2007 and has supported him by giving him preferential coverage in the Neighbourhood Watch Leaflets (neighbourhood watch example on this site)

Here he makes himself out to be impartial.

Bank Regulation

Really this shouldn’t even be an issue now, we should have already implemented it.

 The fact that we haven’t is of course dangerous because the further away from the crash we get the more the view that we shouldn’t do anything  becomes more prominent.