Breaking news : Politicians suffering from foot in mouth disorder

Apparently they want to re-classify people with mild SEN (Special Educational Needs) to having not got SEN.

As a person with SEN, which since I have difficulty handwriting, I have to admit to. I don’t understand this. Surely sometimes kids need help. The best way not to stigmatize or label people is to just let the educational system get on with it. One unfortunate result of what they are saying might be that we brush problems under the carpet, small steps might be missed which might help the situation.

Keep going, whatever happens

We didn’t do very well in the Local Elections. People blame us for the austerity measures. Sometimes I watch the financial channels, they have experts who give opinions on the financial situation. We have to be frank, we are in a similar position to countries like irland, spain and italy. The only thing which is saving us is the political stability and willingness to take tough decisions of the Coalition. It’s easy for Labour to state they’ll do something different now, they can’t do it, they’re not the government, talk is cheep, however reality is that we do not have the backup of the Eurozone economies. There will be no bailout for us.

Get the message right or shut the “””” up!

I just want to make clear my distress and embarrassment at what is happening.

It is not seemly for a leader of the labour party to ask that all top level pay is “tackled” as happened earlier this week. Look at the history, but whatever, I can get in serious trouble advising labour politicians so best to say “Do as you wish”

It is unseemly and demeaning for the House of Commons to be involved in such a dispute, As happened when the Labour Party threatened to force a vote on the RBS CEO’s bonus.

Numerous statements on Fred the Shred’s de-knighting need not have been made. The committee which tackled this was not political. When the politicians got involved (unfortunately including Vince Cable, a man who I respect) issues were created. The politicians might live to regret it.

I don”t agree with Nick on Magrahi

This is idiotic, it’s hardly worth mentioning that for two clear reasons we don’t want to go there. 1. Magrahi has already been through a judicial process. Some people might realise that the identification evidence was tainted so therefore he shouldn’t even have been convicted but whatever. 2. It’s conflating the issue, it makes every person with a resentment think that was one of the reasons we went into this.

Riots – socialist workers and anarchists

I got approached by the socialists workers party when I was a student. I was clearly different, slightly artisticly disaffected I thoght, though others called me a creep – I said no of coursa. The thing is apparently according to the radio this morning they are agitating. possibly they are behind this. If they are bebind this I really wish I had said yes so now I could destroy them.