Norman Lamb for leader of the Liberal Democrats

I have seen him talk in a public meeting in Saxmundham, Suffolk . He is able to communicate difficult concepts and answer questions from the public in a considered and polite manner. He is not known widely yet although he has appeared in the media.

In the Liberal Democrats we have a choice to make. Go for easy or choose the difficult path. Well we have chosen the difficult path already. Go into government and implement some policies and chance that we night get destroyed by the public and if we are then hope that they remember us. I feel that Norman Lamb would be a really good leader for this situation.

Presumption in Postal vote letter

Dr Therese Coffey says in one paragraph “Elections here can be close”.

Later on in the letter she says “I will continue….” “In the next Parliament I will……”.

Doesn’t she mean “Should I win I will continue” and “Should I win in the next Parliament I will…”

Lib Dems will never disrespect democracy or take people for granted.   Our candidates are the hardest workers in the Parlament.  Should our candidate win they will involve themselves with the constituency.

Not Cyphers

“I reserve the right to take an independent action for the interests of my constituents but against a group decision” I paraphrase but a campaigner protested that an agent had a bust up with this campaigner because this campaigner insisted that an item of election literature contained something like this phrase. Why is this controversial? It’s a given.
Liberals are rebels. Someone might know, if they know me, I have experience of this. Sometimes it turns bad, there are mechanisms for coping with this. Acting for the people is after all what good campaigning is about.

dogs and people

The knack is to put the leaflet through the door very quickly.  I have been injured in the past.  Hopefully not in this election.

Talked to a few people.  Some people were very helpful.  Most people knew what we were doing and don’t resent it.

General Election begun

Parliament is prorogued and a general election has been called, the campaign proper has begun at last and more importantly will soon be over.

One little bit of annoyance is the video I watched of Martin Freeman.  Whilst I like him on a personal level he goes through a number of things he could say and sums it up as about values.

The lib dems had the values of not abandoning the country after the last election.  Our values are service to the country.  We  believe in freedom fairness and opportunity for all.  Our ministers have proved that they can provide good government if asked in the future.  The coalition proved  that such ways of governing work even at the highest level.  Whatever the result of the election is I am sure that things will work out

Recently I have moved from Eastbourne in East Sussex to Martlesham in Suffolk.   The countryside is beautiful, the people are friendly and helpful.  New challenges are opening up.

Sam Cam re autism : what’s that about

I saw on Sky News that Sam Cam has been involved in this issue.

Why? We do not have a presidential system in this country.

All she can claim to be is a rich bint who married a politician, David, who later became the Prime Minister and can do cabinet government (which apparently even idiots can do)

She has nothing to do with autistic kids. She should leave them alone chiefly because, they should not be used, she does not understand them.